Cheryl Baker to Host New Weekday Show on Great British Radio

Cheryl Baker's Lunch Box Comes To Great British Radio

Cheryl Baker, the Eurovision winner with Bucks Fizz and member of The Fizz, is delighted to be hosting a new lunchtime weekday show on DAB station, Great British Radio.

Cheryl Baker, the renowned Eurovision winner and the nation’s beloved member of the iconic group Bucks Fizz, has thrilled fans by announcing her latest venture in the world of radio. In addition to her highly popular weekend show, "The Best of British Artists from The 80s," Cheryl will now be gracing the airwaves with a brand new weekday show on Great British Radio. The show, which she herself named "Cheryl Baker's Lunchbox" is set to start on July 3rd and will air every weekday from 12 pm to 2 pm.

"Cheryl Baker's Lunchbox" promises to be a fantastic addition to the Great British Radio lineup, featuring an exciting blend of music, interviews, and comedy. As a true music aficionado, Cheryl will play a great range of tunes that will undoubtedly strike a chord with listeners of all ages. From chart-topping hits to hidden gems, her selection will span multiple genres, ensuring an engaging and entertaining experience for all. And of course, she’ll be throwing in some of those Eurovision anthems every now and then!

What sets "Cheryl Baker's Lunchbox" apart is the inclusion of new daily features, adding a unique touch to each show. Listeners can look forward to "Baker's Breakers," where Cheryl will showcase lesser-known tracks from both established and emerging artists, giving them a well-deserved spotlight. But each weekday will bring with it a different feature, providing an exciting variety of content that will keep fans coming back for more.

Cheryl Baker, known for her vibrant personality and quick wit, will bring her trademark charm and warmth to the show. In addition to the stellar music lineup, listeners can expect captivating interviews with renowned artists, both from the 80s era and the contemporary music scene. Plus, Cheryl will be sprinkling the airwaves with her infectious laughter and comedic anecdotes, ensuring that "Cheryl Baker's Lunchbox" becomes the go-to destination for laughter and entertainment during the lunchtime hours.

When asked about her new show, Cheryl Baker expressed her excitement, saying, "I can’t wait to start this new radio show with Great British Radio. 'Cheryl Baker's Lunchbox' is going to be a fantastic blend of music, laughter, and surprises. I can't wait to share this daily experience with listeners and make their lunchtimes even more enjoyable. It's going to be a lot of fun!"

"Cheryl Baker's Lunchbox" will undoubtedly capture the hearts of music lovers, radio enthusiasts, and fans of Cheryl Baker alike. Mark your calendars for July 3rd, as this exciting new show will be airing every weekday from 12 pm to 2 pm on Great British Radio. To listen, make sure you’ve got your dial set to Great British Radio or ask Alexa to enable the Great British Radio skill. You can also download the Great British Radio app or head to




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