Blog: Subconscious novels with Andy Reid MBE

Andy Reid MBE lets his imagination run wild and creates his subconscious novel with Mike Osman. Would you give it a read? Let us know what you think! Get writing Andy and we’ll bill you for the royalties later!

MO: So Andy, we want you to make up the name of a person, male or female, first and last name.
AR MBE: John Jones

MO: How old is John Jones?
AR MBE: 35

MO: Where does he live?
AR MBE: In Wigan.

MO: What’s his occupation?
AR MBE: He’s a binman.

MO: Has he got a family?
AR MBE: Two children, a boy and a girl.

MO: Who is his enemy?
AR MBE: Barry Brown

MO: What’s he scared of, John Jones?
AR MBE: He’s scared of Wigan losing to Saints in the Grand Final!

MO: What are his hobbies?
AR MBE: Rugby League

MO: Has he had any tragedies in his family?

MO: He’s just come back from holiday, where has he come from?
AR MBE: Lanzarote

MO: Has he got a dark secret or regret?
AR MBE: He regrets that he wasn’t born in St. Helens.

MO: What’s it called Andy?
AR MBE: I wish I was a Saint…



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