Blog: Who Is Matt Le Tissier’s Hero?

Want to get to know Matt Le Tissier a bit better? Want to find out what makes him tick? Your wish is our command. Mike Osman put Matt to the test with our Quickfire Question round, the toughest interview on-air. Read on to find out who is Matt Le Tissier’s Hero, you might be surprised to hear that it’s not a footballing legend!

Here we go!

MO: So, Tiss, we know you’ve got a bit of a reputation so we’ll start with what everyone wants to know… McDonalds or KFC?

MO: You’re a man of the Channel Islands, Guernsey or Jersey?
MLT: Ha, Guernsey
MO: Of course!

MO: Favourite place in England and why?
MLT: Southampton, obviously! It’s the place where I’ve made my name.

MO: Favourite song and why?
MLT: Oh Chesney Hawkes, The One and Only, because I am the One and Only

MO: Favourite place in the world and why?
MLT: Well, of course, it would be Guernsey because that’s my home but you’ll probably disqualify that one! So I’ll go with Mauritius, where I was married to my lovely wife.
MO: Ahh, that’s lovely!

MO: Any siblings?
MLT: Three big brothers!
MO: Do you get on with them?
MLT: Very well!
MO: All the time???
MLT: Yep!

MO: Who do you miss most and why?
MLT: Who do I miss most? Well, that’s quite poignant, I miss my dog. We had to put Bella down a few weeks ago and I’m missing her quite a lot at the moment.
MO: Aw Tiss, we’re so sorry to hear that!

MO: Let’s settle this once and for all! Scone as in cone or scone as in gone?
MLT: It’s a scone as in cone for me!

MO: Do you have jam or cream first?
MLT: Oh good question! Cream first.

MO: Tea or coffee?
MLT: Tea.

MO: Teabag or milk first in a cuppa?
MLT: Oh! Teabag!

MO: Who is your hero and why?
MLT: My Dad. He is the loveliest man that I have ever met in my life and he is the one that I look up to the most.
MO: Tiss, you’re going to make us cry in a minute, that’s lovely!

MO: Come on surprise us with this one… What did you want to be when you grew up?
MLT: A footballer!

MO: What about your exam results when you left secondary school?
MLT: Ermmmm, average!
MO: Give us some marks, please?!
MLT: Hahaha, I think I had O-Levels in Maths, English Literature and English Language. I had some CSEs in French, Science, I don’t think I got Geography. I think I got a U in Geography! That was about it!

MO: This is the hardest one of the lot… Ant or Dec?
MLT: That’s a tough one! They’re both equally nice chaps.

MO: Summer or winter?
MLT: Summer.

MO: Fish and chips or curry?
MLT: Fish and chips.

MO: Dogs or cats? We think we might already know the answer…
MLT: It’s actually cats funnily enough! Because the dogs weren’t my idea! I am more of a cat person but I did get quite attached to Bella.

MO: Would you rather be a TV Personality or Football Player?
MLT: A football player.

MO: Portsmouth or Saints?
MLT: Saints!

MO: Who is the most famous person in your phonebook?
MLT: Ooooh! That’s a good question! Alan Shearer probably!


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