Blog: Subconscious Novels with Mark Curry

The legendary Mark Curry, most loved for his time on Blue Peter, The Saturday Picture Show with our very own Cheryl Baker and so much more, is letting his imagination run wild! We all have a book within us and it’s time to see what Mark’s subconscious will write for him…he spoke to Cheryl Baker.

CB: Make up a name, male or female…
MC: Xavier Alexandro.

CB: How old is he?
MC: He’s 40 years old.

CB: Where does he live?
MC: He splits his time between New York and Brazil.

CB: Has there been a big news story that has affected him?
MC: There was a massive storm that hit Brazil and the house that he grew up in has been devastated. He’s very wealthy and so he’s trying to rebuild not only his home but all of the houses that were flattened by the storm. He’s an amazing guy!

CB: What is his occupation?
MC: He’s a professional tennis player but he’s coming to the end of his career. He was the best Brazilian player ever.

CB: Does he have a family?
MC: No, he was in a long term relationship but he never married or had children.

CB: Does he have an enemy?
MC: Yes, he has a few! Off the courts he’s a wonderful guy and very generous but on the tennis court he became this demon, he had a real fiery Latin temperament. He would swear at the umpires, swear at his opponents, but he was an incredible player.

CB: What’s he scared of?
MC: He’s scared of being alone and he’s scared of spiders!

CB: Any hobbies, other than tennis!?
MC: He goes swimming every single day in the coldest water that he can find – cold seas, wild rivers, he just strips off and dives right in!

CB: Any tragedies in his family?
MC: The first year his sister came to watch him at Wimbledon but she got on the wrong train and she ended up all the way in Penzance! She missed his match and he’s never spoken to her since because he thinks she did it on purpose because of her epic jealousy of his success.

CB: He’s just been on holiday, where has he come back from?
MC: He’s been to New Zealand because he wanted to travel all over the country in a camper van on his own, playing great music. He went all over the North and South Islands.

CB: Does he have a dark secret?
MC: He does… But it’s exactly that, a secret!

CB: Does he have any regrets?
MC: He lost two Wimbledon finals, one after the other, and he was at match point in both matches but lost both of them.

CB: Mark Curry, tell us the title of your soon-to-be bestseller!?
MC: Double Fault

We all have a book within us and Mark’s subconscious has just written his! What an amazing imagination!


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